The aim of each of these courses is above all to instil confidence and courage to tackle the exams head on. Language A Level and Pre-U options are accepted by all education professionals to be very challenging, and success requires hard work from the student. A week of focussed study and immersion in the language and the culture can only help to meet the challenge.



While it is not our aim to dangle an A* or Distinction grade in front of our students, it is our aim to make them feel more comfortable speaking and listening to French (skills which improve naturally with practice) and to learn strategies for translation work as well as planning and executing essays which fully and efficiently answer the question set.



With three teachers for only ten students in a fully immersed French setting, we believe that our students will leave Arjac with much more confidence and belief in their own abilities. We also communicate with and share improvement observations with the students' full time teachers to ensure that we complement and reinforce messages the students have been hearing at school.

Our Aims

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